Aggregate Impact Test

Aggregate Impact Test
 (item code : RA-750)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 50 x 30 x 90 cm
Gross Weight
: 80 kg

For determining the aggregate impact value and resistance of aggregate to sudden shock or impact.
Impact Machine
Heavy duty construction, safety locking bar, built in counter
1 Set
Cylindrical Measure
Machine steel, 75 mm dia., 50 mm deep.
1 Pc
Tamping Rod
Galvanized steel, 3/8″ dia., 8″ length
2 Pcs

Also required, but not part of this set : 
RA-212A Sieve 1/2″
RA-214A Sieve 3/8″
RA-222A Sieve No. 8
RA-250 Pan & Cover
RG-152 Triple Beam Balance
RG-174 Oven
RG-363 Mixing Bowl
RG-922 Soft Brush

Aggregate Crushing Apparatus

Aggregate Crushing Apparatus


Consist of : 

Cylinder 1 pc
Machine steel, 154 mm dia. 
Plunger 1 pc
Machine steel. 
Base Plate 1 pc
Machine steel. 
Metal Measure 1 pc
115 mm dia., 180 mm deep. 
Tamping Rod 1 pc
Galvanized steel, 16 mm dia., 500 mm 
length, hemispherical at both ends.