Standard Reference HGI index ACIRS H6 2017

Standard Reference HGI index ACIRS


 Sample A 32

 Sample B 44

 Sample C  61

 Sample D 87

Download Brosur ACIRS Standard Reference HGI disini !!!

kami juag menjual berbagai produk ACIRS lainnya seperti :

- General Coal Reference Materials
ACIRS-G7-2016 & ACIRS-M1-2014 :

These reference materials include assigned values for a broad range of coal analysis parameters.

- Sulfur Reference Materials
ACIRS-S1A-2011, ACIRS-S2B-2015, ACIRS-S1C-2011 and ACIRS-S2D-2016 :
are a range of certified reference materials for total sulfur in coal.
- ACIRS-S2B includes reference values for Hg, Cl and F
- ACIRS-S2D includes reference values for Hg and Cl.

- Hardgrove Grindability Reference Material Set
ACIRS-H5-2016 :
A set of 4 certified reference materials for calibration of Hardgrove Grindability index machines.

  - Electrode Carbon
Inert additive for use in Gray-King Coke Type testing

- Fly Ash Reference Material 
Fly Ash Reference Material, ACIRS-A1-2016, with assigned values for ash fusibility, major and minor elements (NEW).

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