Jual Loss on Heating/Thin-Film Test - 0813 2006 6151 ( Biand )

Loss on Heating/Thin-Film Test
(item code : RL-220A)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 100 x 100 x 100 cm
Gross Weight
: 45 kg

ASTM D-6/D-1754
AASHTO T-47/T-179
For determining the loss in mass (exclusive of water) of asphaltic compounds after heating
Resolving Shelf Oven
Variable temperature oven, cas alumunium rotating shelf, 5-6 RPM, external electromotor drive, 220 V-AC, 1400 Watt.
1 Set
Thin Box
55 mm i.d. approx.
alumunium sheet, seamless
12 Pcs
ASTM     13 C, 155 to 170oC
1 Pc

Also required,
but not part of this set :

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RG-363 Mixing Bowl
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