Jual Furnace VMF ASTM Carbolite

Furnace VMF ASTM Carbolite

digunakan untuk menganalisa kandungan Volatile Matter dalam Batubara dengan Methode ASTM.

Brand : Carbolite
Controller : 2132
Negara Asal : Inggris

Maximum temperature 1000oC Usable dimensions 50mm diameter x 100 deep. Heating element Yttria stabilised iron chrome aluminium alloy resistance wire wound around an IAP ceramic tube. Temperature sensor NiSil/ NiNiCrSil thermocouple Type N mineral insulated. Door type Right hinged lid. Door switch The nature of the test requires the heating element to remain on when the furnace lid is open, so no door switch is fitted. As a safety measure, a 30mA residual current circuit breaker is built into the furnace. Controls The furnace is offered with a choice of different PID digital temperature controllers. Over temperature protection Available as an optional extra. Using an independent thermocouple, a Eurotherm controller operates a contactor to shut down the furnace until manually reset. Power control Encapsulated solid-state relay with zero voltage switching control and over voltage spike protection.
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