Jual Compacting Factor Apparatus

Compacting Factor Apparatus


For determining workability of 
compacting factor concrete of low, 
medium and high workability. Welded 
steel frame construction, two 
conical mold, one cylinder mold. 
Dimension (l x w x h)  : 
30 x 60 x 130 cm.

Jual Air Content of Fresh Mixed Concrete

Air Content of Fresh Mixed Concrete
(item code : RC-400)

Dimension (l x w x h)
: 40 x 40 x 100 cm
Gross Weight
: 20 kg

ASTM C-231
For determining the air content of freshly mixed concrete from observation of the change in volume of concrete with a change in pressure.
Air Entrainment Meter
5 ltr capacity, 3″ maximum agregate size, direct reading 0-10%, manometer, hand pump
1 Pc
Carryng Case
Wooden box
1 Pc
Cast alumunium
1 Pc
Pointed type
1 Pc
Straight Edge
40 cm length
1 Pc
Rubber Mallet
Rubber head, wooden handle
1 Pc
Steel wire
1 Pc
Tamping Rod
Machine steel, galvanized 16 mm dia., 600 mm length
1 Pc

Jual Concrete Test Hammer HT 225

jual hammer test HT 225

Concrete Test Hammer HT 225
Nominal kinetic energy : 2.207J (0.225 kgf.m)
Flip tension spring rigidity : 7.84N (0.80 kgf) / cm
Punch advance for impact hammer : 75 mm
Impact surface hardness value between impact hammer and rod : HRC59-63
Maximum breakout friction of pointer system : 0.49-0.78N(50-80g)
Mean-value of steel-anvil rating of concrete test hammer : 80+/-2
Standards : ISO/DIS 8045, EN 12504-2, ENV 206, DIN 1048 part 2, ASTM C 805, ASTM D 5873, NFP 18-417, B 15-225, JGJ/T 23-2001, JJG 817-1993
Dimension : 60 x 280 mm

Net weight : 1kg

Jual Concrete Test Hammer Matest

jual concrete test hammer matest

Concrete Test Hammer Matest

Spring impact energy 0,225 mkg.(2,207 Joule)
Suitable for finished concrete structures and buildings having strength resistances from 10 to 70 N/sq.mm
Supplied complete with calibration curve chart in N/mm 2 (Mpa) values, abrasive stone, carrying case.
Dimensions:dia.80 x 340 mm Weight:3 Kg

Jual Concrete Hammer Test Proceq

jual concrete hammer test proceq

Concrete Hammer Test Proceq 

The H-2975, Type N Hammer is designed for testing concrete items 4 " ( 100mm) or more in thickness, or concrete with a maximum particle size less than or equal to 1.25 " ( 32mm) .It is designed for testing concrete within a compressive strength range of 1, 450 to 10, 150 psi ( 10 to 70 N/ mm and Impact energy of the test is 1.6 ft-lbs ( 2.207 Nm)
The standard ( Type N) hammer displays rebound values on a mechanical sliding scale. These values can then be correlated to compressive strength by using the conversion table chart affixed to the hammer.
10 to 70 N/ mm ( 100 to 700 kgf/ cm)
Supplied in a carrying case complete with carborundum stone

Total Weight 1.7kg